Our Story

Why handmade?

Sewing is a skill that has been passed down in many families from generation to generation.  When I was younger, I didn’t understand why I was taught to sew when I knew department stores had cheaper and quicker options.

Now I understand.

Creating any piece of fashion requires vision.  It’s about using your hands to create what your mind sees, and persevering through to completion. It’s that satisfaction of looking at a finished piece and being able to take pride in what you’ve made.

Elroi & Men’s mission is to inspire this same feeling for the hands sewing our products. 

When we think of improving the lives of people from disadvantaged communities, so many times we turn to money as the quickest solution. But money rarely creates long-term change. At Elroi & Men, we believe that by partnering with these communities, we’re helping to create a path towards greater economic freedom and sustainability. By creating new opportunities for work, we hope to affirm that value of each individual, and create an environment of empowerment, purpose, and most importantly, hope.

By purchasing a bow tie, you’re coming alongside us and helping make this vision a reality. Thank you for joining us on our journey by making a difference one bow tie at a time.

Why We Do It

Why Elroi?

Elroi is a name for God found only once in the Bible*. It appears in the Old Testament in the story of a maidservant named Hagar. Hagar’s life was fraught with hardship and mistreatment by her mistress. Circumstances eventually became so unbearable, that she fled to the desert.

It was there in the desert and in her distress that God saw her, comforted her, and promised to bless her even as He gently encouraged her to return to her mistress.

It’s here that Hagar refers to God as ‘El Ro’i, meaning “the God who sees.” When she felt alone and neglected, God was there to remind her of her value and purpose.

No matter what our background, whether we come from extraordinary wealth or brokenness, we all feel like Hagar sometimes, alone and invisible. But Hagar reminds us that our story doesn’t end in the desert. ‘El Ro’i tells us that we are seen, we are valued, and we are loved beyond measure.

*Genesis 16